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Here are some Reviews of Brees' Meats by Real Customers:

If you haven't tried this local butcher shop yet YOU MUST! The customer service here is beyond friendly, not many places around these days that bother remembering your name. The prices are cheap and the quality perfect. Besides meat they also have a small deli section and will make you a HUGE sandwich for $6 bucks with anything you want.

Just a tip...... on the opposite wall of the butcher display is 2 giant freezers. This is full of all sorts of frozen meats including a huge variety of sausages.

I bought a whole bunch of spicy bratwurst and a bag of saurkraut that they sell there..... so you know what I'll be having tomorrow.

***update*** The spicy bratwurst and saurkraut kicked arse!

Chris D. Stanton, CA

I was desperately looking for a good sub place in socal. I posted the question on yelp and this place was recommended. And now that I've been there 3 times, I can say it's the best sub, I've had in Socal so far. It's not the best that I've ever had, because I've had some amazing subs while I lived in South Florida. But I think you have to take location into account when rating a place. In South Florida Bree's gets 4 stars, here it gets 5. Now onto the Sandwich itself.

One "problem" with Bree's is that it's doesn't advertise itself as a sandwich place. It's a meat market. They don't have a sandwich menu and if it weren't for a sign on the door saying $6 sandwich & bag of chips special, you wouldn't really know about it. Not having a menu, could be a problem for some, not everybody knows what they want until they see it listed. Basically they will create whatever you want. You pick the meat, you pick the cheese. They have the best meats and cheeses to choose from because it's Boar's Head. Although Bree's makes their own roast beef, which is fabulous. Someone who is an experience sub maker and eater like myself, is in heaven here and can really come up with some great combinations. I am also very familiar with Boar's Head meats & cheeses which helps a great deal.

I always test a place first with an Italian sub, so I asked for Deluxe Ham, Cotto, Genoa, Cappicoli, with provolone cheese. My 2nd sub is always some kind of All American -Club kind of thing. So I went Deluxe Ham, Ovengold Turkey, and Bree's Roast beef. Again with Provolone. And this last time I got a Roast beef with Horseradish Cheddar Cheese. Subs are available on white or wheat bread and only in one size. LARGE. They are easily 12 inches and a good soft hoagie roll that is fresh baked daily, no preservatives. Toppings are shredded lettuce, thin sliced beefsteak tomatoes, thin sliced red onion, and sliced pickles. Salt & Pepper and a good Italian dressing that they don't use sparingly. And of course mayo & mustard if you want. Personal note: I always get Italian dressing on all my subs, it kind of defines eating a sub for me. How the dressing mixes with the mayo - delish!

Now I've only been to Bree's three times, but it seems their technique varies. The first time, I felt they were on to something with their prep. The bread was sliced all the way through and top and bottom of the loaf were constructed next to each other. Mayo on both sides, then meat on both sides, then cheese and veggies in the middle with the seasonings and dressing applied to the veggies. This was a good plan and I was impressed with the thinking. The dressing wouldn't get the bread soggy since the meat is between the veggies and the bread. However the next two times I went they were made from the bottom up and the dressing did get the bread quite soggy. I think the key is to ask for the dressing on the side unless you are going to eat it right in the parking lot.

It's a shame that they don't have a couple of tables outside. Subs always taste best when eaten on location. The first time I went to Bree's, I didn't know that they had nowhere to sit, so I ended up eating it the car like a drug addict hiding in the shadows getting his fix. But damn it was good and the quality you get for just $6 is impressive. It's all that and a bag of chips. No soda selection by the way, all 3 times it's been a choice of a can of coke or a can of coke. They do have a few potato and macaroni salads to choose from. They seem no different than what you get at Ralph's. They taste good, but nothing real unique about them.

The meat market has me intrigued. It looks real solid. They must have chicken kabobs made with like 8 different marinades. 5 or 6 different fresh made sausage. Nice looking steaks and ribs. I can't wait to try a few and grill them up at home. Thanks yelp and Chris D. for hipping me to this place. It's truly a hidden gem.

Dave G. Fullerton, CA

This place is on my way home, and I just started stopping there when I want something to throw on the grill for dinner. Actually, the first time was St. Patrick's Day when I got a brisket to grill because the grocery store next door had run out.

The meats here are great. The cheeses here are great. The staff is awesome and they love to make conversation while they are helping you with your selection. I also noticed that they have a sandwich area and can slice up fresh meats and cheeses to make you a gourmet sandwich right there.

I really like this place, which creates a conundrum because I also really like the Beef Palace. I am currently just trying to eat more meat so that I have ample opportunities to provide business for both shops. Please help me!

Jason H. Huntington Beach, CA

OK, I found this place on accident. I thought this was just a meat market, I didn't know it was a deli. Found it because I was sick of Phillys Best. The guys here are great they make some really thick and good sandwiches. For $6 you get a sandwich with your choice of meat and cheese, plus they throw in a bag of cheese.

These are not your normal Subway or Quizno sandwiches. I usually eat half for lunch at work and take the other half home as a snack. They once weighed my sandwich and it was over 1 1/2 lbs. I love this place so much I got one of their T-shirts. Thank You Brees' for filling up all the time. If your going for the meat grab some stuffed pork chops, these are to die for.

Jon M. Cerritos, CA

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